Our Mission

The mission of the BOLOAlerts website is to achieve three goals each day:
   1. Reduce the time between the crime being committed to the crime being solved
   2. Reduce the number of crimes committed against communities on a daily basis
   3. Increase the number of criminal cases closed on a daily basis

Our History

BOLOAlerts was founded in 2013 by a police detective familiar with the need for the community assistance in solving crimes, and the need for community members to see justice come to pass for crimes committed against themselves, their families, friends, and neighbors.

Prior to BOLOAlerts, getting information out to a large number of people and receiving information from the public was a slow and haphazard process. With the launch of BOLOAlerts, the ability to get information out to the public and receive feedback from the community about crimes being committed in communities has been increased exponentially.

Typically, an unsolved case becomes 'Suspended' when the detectives have explored all known avenues and utilized available resources. In an effort to reduce the number of suspended cases, BOLOAlerts was created to provide a central location for:
   1. police departments to post publicly available information
   2. communities to submit tips (known or anonymous) to help solve the crime
   3. public to stay informed on the number of crimes and types of crimes committed

The BOLOAlerts team has developed this site to do our part to help increase public safety and asks you , the public, to help us by “Solving Crime...One Picture At A Time”.